Friday, September 11, 2009

Pop culture "The snuggie emerges"

Very rarely do you come across something that seems absurd at first but slowly u see what it is in the light and feel the way i did when i first heard of a snuggie.
What is a snuggie???
Well its nothing more than a blanket with sleeves,someone must be fond of reading books and realised that the one issue that u have when you are in a warm cozy bed and curling up to a favourite book and a hot cuppa coffe is tha the bloody blanket keeps slipping...well the inventors(if i may call this an invention)of snuggoe worked this out and made sleeves into a blanket,sounds silly??did to me too..till i found out that 4 million of these have been sold and are a major pop culture icon for 2008 and 2009.
Its not expensive either and all i read is great reviews for it,staying in a cold place myself i wish i had one of these myself,but unfortunately its not availible in india for the time being,ill console myslef with a slipping blanket till it reaches our shores..for more see
and have a look at simplicity of an idea that takes off at full blast at times.

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