Friday, September 18, 2009

Customizing gmail

Did you know you can customize a little of your Gmail inbox by changing the so-called Gmail web clips? Web clips are the little pieces of text just above your e-mail inbox. You would think it was just a regular place to display Google’s advertising, but if you pay attention you might see some other messages come by too.
These messages can be customized. You can for instance add the RSS feed of your favorite blog or news site or add favorite quotes or other wisdom. For more information on what RSS feeds are see this article.
It could become a bit of a distraction, but I think it’s a nice variation for your inbox. For people who practically live inside their Gmail inbox, this is nice and it could even make you smarter by displaying trivia (or look smarter if you memorize the quotes).

They work like a mini one line RSS reader. You can click the link to read the article. You’ll see from what source the link is and how long ago it was published. Click the arrows < and > to browse through the different sources and links. Customizing is easy:
Sign in to Gmail.
Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Web Clips tab.
Browse popular clips by selecting a topic link along the left. Search for feeds by entering topics that interest you – use this feature like you would Google Search. Or, enter specific feed URLs.
Click Add next to the clips you’d like to see in Gmail.
You can add specific feed URLs by entering them in the search box on the left. The feed URL of MakeUseOf is for instance Which you can copy and paste into the search field and your favorite tech tips will scroll by in your inbox. Another interesting one is the feed of our Geeky Fun collection: Gmail web clips add these to a list.
From this list random items are chosen to display, together with some of the advertising that is already there. You’ll see the list under “My Clips“. You’re not stuck with the web clips Google has already chosen for you. If you’re not that much interested in cooking or one of the others, simply click remove on the right. Having a small list makes every source come up more often.

Some other cool ones are quotes or trivia such as quote of the day, Quotes4all, TriviaTidbit and Funny Quote of the Day (right-click and choose “copy link“). Enter a word you are interested in in the search box and see what they have.
Of course you already know about the themes that Gmail has enabled to further customize your inbox. After rocking Terminal for a couple of days myself I have been using Ninjas to my full satisfaction.
For some more very convenient little Gmail tips you might not know about, see this article on MakeUseOf and everything else on Gmail. And of course let me know if you have found some cool web clips that are not in the suggested lists yet.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pop culture "The snuggie emerges"

Very rarely do you come across something that seems absurd at first but slowly u see what it is in the light and feel the way i did when i first heard of a snuggie.
What is a snuggie???
Well its nothing more than a blanket with sleeves,someone must be fond of reading books and realised that the one issue that u have when you are in a warm cozy bed and curling up to a favourite book and a hot cuppa coffe is tha the bloody blanket keeps slipping...well the inventors(if i may call this an invention)of snuggoe worked this out and made sleeves into a blanket,sounds silly??did to me too..till i found out that 4 million of these have been sold and are a major pop culture icon for 2008 and 2009.
Its not expensive either and all i read is great reviews for it,staying in a cold place myself i wish i had one of these myself,but unfortunately its not availible in india for the time being,ill console myslef with a slipping blanket till it reaches our shores..for more see
and have a look at simplicity of an idea that takes off at full blast at times.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple rocks the september keynote

Well well well
most of us have been waiting for the rumored ipad to surface up on the keynote this year,which in fact im still keeping my fingers crossed too as the keynote is still midway and there is still time for more....
but as tradition goes,Mr.Jobs is back with ONE MORE THING and its cameras on the nanos,wow we really needed that feature and also the fm radio finally comes to the nano along with a built in pedometer for use with nike +....
The features are : 2.2 inch display, glossy colors, microphone/speaker, voiceover, fm radio, video those of you who were waiting to but a nano can go for it now..cos its better value for money anyday...
Apple also announced iPod classic at 160GB-- same thin size, same price ($249),so the rumours of it being phased out can be cancelled for now.
The itouch comes for $399 for 64GB, $299 for 32GB, and $199 for 8GB,im pretty dissed at this cos me and a couple of friends just bought itouches for 50$ more a month back ,should always listen to rumours ahh when it comes to apple.
Im only covering the hardware in this blog,itunes 9 comes out with itunes LP and also os3.1 for the iphone and the itouch,that ill cover later.....