Monday, April 13, 2009

Eating out in shimla

Well for starters..shimla is a place where you do get different kinds of cuisines and lots of variety in those too,but among the countless number of places there are few which will make your trip worthwhile and droolworthy ...
Id say tibetan food does really well here,and momos,thupkas and soups are really good in a place called china town just a stones throw away from a really big eat out called baljees,even though china town is a small joint the momos and the accompanying sauces are to die for,try the fried variety,its worth taking a risk.
For regular indian food,PLAZA fares pretty well,though the service is agonizingly slow but the wait for the fresh kebabs with the even fresher mint chutney is worth it,you get really nice paranthas here and the onion kulcha and the onion salad are some things you will find on each diners table.
Continental palate is difficult to say,but COMBERMERE is a nice place,their baking section is awesome and the ambience of their rooftop terrace is pretty good for a late evening or mid day hang out.