Friday, March 6, 2009


I only came to know about this today,a single strand of like 12cm of hair can empty your pocket by 1000rs,whats so special about this hair i asked....well its no ordinary hair,its the hair from an elephants tail!

Apparently most people know about the superstitious powers of ivory,but hair that too from an elephants tail is considered very powerful in lots of places in the world.

Its not like regular hair,its very thick and strong and needs to be pulled from the poor animals tail stump with a a pair of pliers but the saying goes like if your kid wears an amulet with the hair in it he gets the strength and courage of the elephant,weird yet true.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the airport

chapter one

Well you get to fly a lot when you are in the navy,joining a ship or signing off from one,you fly more than regular people.

This happened when a chief officer of mine was returning from London airport to his homeland India.

While waiting on the airport,he was looking around in general,people watching,cos thats what u end up doing when u have a ten hour hiatus at an international airport,you get sick and tired of shopping around or eating or trying out new menus.After a while,there seemed to be a particular female that raised his curiosity quotient,a young female looked around 25 yrs in age,wearing  snug but low cut top and chatting away aimlessly to a group of men who may have been thinking something completely opposite to what the female was talking about,cmon we are men a part of our brain works like that only,its like programmed in our dna or something.

This female was attractive was a understatement,she was that mind blowing types,the one who walks in a room and all eyes are only on her types.Being at a ship for long,u tend to ogle at the other species a little longer than usual and we are not ashamed of it,its completely normal.By a stroke of good luck or bad which you can decide later,after boarding the aircraft she took the seat right next to him,eye candy for sure but by the way she was chatting to the men earlier he decided to keep mum cos he wanted to sleep and not get her started lest she might not shut up the rest of the flight,but somehow the conversation started.She asked him how old does he think she is,and even though she looked twenty five or something being a gentleman he said less somewhere like twenty one,she replied by saying that she is actually forty two and has two kids and proceeded to show him their photos.

She said her name was Aliyah,and she was settled in the US but her kids were in India.On asking about her husband,man was the chief in a shock,she said her husband was an extremist in Kabul and that she was separated,and she had moved to the US,when she was little cos her father had been a General and was killed there in Kabul when she was a kid,so she was in Us now and ran some sorta of business now,on asking what the business was,she changed the topic.

Anyways they got down from the flight,and she being a newbie to India,he helped her fill the immigration form and  in general being the nice and considerate people we are helped her out and parted ways,to meet again at the money exchanger to see her en cash 2000$,well thats a pretty huge amount he said.....she again said she  needs cash for her "BUSINESS" and asked him whether he would escort her out of the airport,chief got wary cos of the money and just so escorted her by walking behind her,i don't blame him anyone would be skeptical to say the least.

She was being waited upon by two burly looking bodyguard types,the ones you see with goons et all....she walked away without a word of thank you and chief was surprised,common courtesy man,a thank was the least she could have said.

A week later he gets a call at home from the same chick,he is surprised cos he remembered not giving her his number(he is married just for the record),she said she took his number while he was filing his immigration form,thats really spooky he thought....and she said she was calling to expand contacts for her business..he got pissed and cut the call.

But a month later while he was at sea,the same female calls up from Pakistan and talks to his wife about her business..

considering the possibilities are endless to who she could have been..suicide bomber,a spy,a member of some terror group is for you to decide...

so the next time you decide to help someone at the airport think twice..... i sure will after this incident